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Paradigm Gold Group was originally established in 2012 by venture capital veterans. Paradigm Gold Group brings a diverse and balanced understanding of what it means to protect and preserve your wealth. We take satisfaction in being an industry leader with decades of vast market experience and insights for tackling increasingly complex financial and economic settings.

We understand that locating a trusted advisor is a deeply personal experience and requires a trusting relationship between the client and the advisor.

It takes a deep understanding of wealth protection and preservation to obtain and earn a client’s trust.

Our team is vehement about what we do and are tirelessly dedicated to the continued protection and preservation of our clients’ prosperity.


There are many benefits to owning gold. Adding a gold factor to your portfolio can considerably reduce your overall portfolio volatility, create a hedge against economic downturn, and add a enormous prospect for gain.

For an investors planning for retirement, whether you are considering investing in gold for a more a long-term investment, buying gold into a self-directed IRA can help protect your assets and can increase returns. Having a modest amount of gold and silver within a balanced retirement investment portfolio can potentially reduce the overall risk of the portfolio, helping to protect against downturns in the markets.

about us


about us

A precious metals IRA is just like your traditional Individual Retirement Account (IRA), it is simply comprised of physical gold, or other IRS approved precious metals (such as silver, platinum, and palladium). A custodian, which is approved by the IRS, will hold in custody the contents of the Precious Metals IRA for your benefit, the account owner. A Precious Metals IRA will act in the same manner as the traditional IRA, but rather than holding paper assets, you are actually holding the underlying hard asset in your IRA, physical bullion coins or bars.

Since gold is the most common precious metal invested into Precious Metals IRA, the term Gold IRA has been used widely in the industry to refer to a retirement account containing any combination of IRA approved precious metals.

1. Account Setup

Paradigm Gold Group will contact your existing custodian or plan administrator to initiate the transfer and/or rollover on your behalf

2. Depository

Paradigm Gold Group will assist you with selecting a top-tier, private, and fully-insured depository from a list of available options and locations

3. Information

Paradigm Gold Group will provide you with the necessary information to make an educated decision

4. Select your precious metals

We promise to provide a unique and tailored experience while working with Paradigm Gold Group

5. Custodian

Paradigm Gold Group will assist in setting up your new precious metal’s IRA

6. Buy Back

When you are ready to sell, Paradigm Gold Group offers one of the industry’s top buy back programs


Call our IRA department and one of our IRA experts
will assist you in filling out the proper paperwork

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